Developing Your Success Playbook

with Dr. Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson

I believe that success is our birthright and that we should have an opportunity to accomplish exactly what we set out to do. If you want to launch your dreams and goals, take this masterclass on how to design and implement your “playbook.” I feel privileged as a business and life strategist, to share what has worked for me. I developed this course to teach people to connect with their deep desires and attain the life they really want. In this course I provide the path to get you there by helping identify the what, how and when using time-tested principles of personal and career development. All high performing achievers in life, have some version of a playbook to help identify successful routines, habits, support systems and accountability plans. My remarkable career as a C-Suite Executive in several Fortune 500 companies and as a global non profit leader, came as a result of having a carefully developed and proven “success playbook.”


Through development of a “playbook” you will closely examine each area of your life, outline specific goals to be accomplished, identify needed resources and steps to make the playbook happen. The playbook makes “ big changes” less scary and easier to implement because you will have a step by step detailed plan of how to go about making changes.


  • Who will benefit from this class

    "Developing Your Success Playbook" is designed for those who are ready to press the “reset” button and develop a clear plan to radically change the current direction of their life or career. The class is for those who refuse to settle for what life sends their way, but instead are eager to outline what they want to accomplish, the steps needed to get it and then take definite action to make it happen.

  • Who is this class intended for

    The class is designed for those high performing individuals who are ready to acquire the tools needed to develop and implement a well thought out plan of action to transform their lives, achieve personal or business goals and maintain sustained success. These “go-getters” are the ones who know that true success comes from setting goals, following through, working smart, changing course as needed and being willing to put the work in.


  • The You Can Lead Institute Success Playbook Class was totally awesome. It made me reflect on my purpose and I look forward to putting the playbook into action. - Debra

  • I know where I want to take my career and now have a well thought out, written plan of action. I cannot wait for the next Success Playbook Class! - Donna

  • The Success Playbook Class is a call to action. It is clear and if done right, makes it easy to determine your future direction. - Lisa

  • This institute has been totally awesome! It has truly made me reflect on my purpose. I am looking forward to fine tuning and play book and putting it into action. - Mary

  • Thank you for this opportunity for me to focus on what I needed to do in the Success Playbook Class to reach my career and personal goals. - Jaz

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